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Thursdays - Saturdays
Sept. 21 - 30, 2006
Old Arizona Theatre
2821 Nicollet Avenue South


Minneapolis -- Soulistic Playhouse presents the premiere production of Waking Up Ghetto, September 21 through September 30 at Old Arizona Theatre.

Written by Minneapolis-based playwright K. Michele Smith and directed by Stephenetta Harmon, Waking Up introduces us to a world of healing and triumph while experiencing this great adventure called life.

"I am a ghetto girl from the Southside of Chicago,” says Smith’s character “Ghetto Girl”, “living in the projects where we live as one - ni**as, roaches and rats, alley cats, big dogs, hustlers and pimps. All of us united in a struggle for decent food, shelter and water.”

From the lens of a young teenage mother, Waking Up Ghetto is an intimate exploration into her magic and madness as she emerges out of the dark corners of abuse, addiction and lack of self-love to find the power in her voice.

Supported by the characters that have helped shape her existence, Waking Up Ghetto opens a secret window where we are given privy to their growth as they question their identities and purpose, ponder their dreams and ambitions, and create new choices for the future.

“The ghetto in this play speaks not necessarily to location, but to the psyche of these characters embattled by stereotypes and misperceptions, “said Harmon, who is also Soulistic Playhouse executive director. “The moments of awakening are their decisions to step outside of those incomplete stereotypes and become whole beings.”

Waking Up Ghetto runs Thursdays – Saturdays, Sept. 21 – 30 at Old Arizona Theatre located at 2821 Nicollet Avenue South in Minneapolis. Performances begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $12 for general admission; $10 for students and seniors.  Cast includes Karla Smith, Ron Collier, G.G. Tillis and Jamil Greene.

Arranged and directed by Stephenetta Harmon.


September 21st: KMOJ night
September 22nd - 30th
Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays: 7:30 p.m.

$12 General
$10 Students & Seniors
Group rates available

For more information: 612.722.0586.

For reservations:
e-mail info@soulisticplayhouse.org or call Old Arizona at 612.871.0050, ext. 4.

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